With my photographs, I hope to awaken the viewer to the beauty and sensuality  of the natural world, as well as to the peace and tranquility still to be found in this often hurried world.

      As a breast cancer survivor, I am grateful for every day, each bit of abstract beauty and spirituality I find in my surroundings, and for the vignettes that I am able to capture  and share with others. 

    Elva Pera-Kelly a native Memphian, received her BSEd from the University of Memphis and MSEd from Arkansas Tech University. She lived in San Francisco where she worked for American Airlines and also taught school in Memphis, Little Rock, and Yellville. Together with her husband Mike, Elva moved to the Arkansas Ozarks in 1972 where they raised four children, all now graduated from college and pursuing careers. As a teacher, she placed special emphasis on encouraging the creative process. Currently, her own creative process has Elva traveling frequently, camera in hand, and taking in the natural world from her front porch in the woods of Marion County, Arkansas.